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Wedding dress bags ( keep your flamenco dress)

28 January, 2019.



It is your wedding day and everything should be perfect: ceremony, flowers and bouquets, music, but mainly the dress that the bride is going to wear in such a unique celebration. A dress chosen carefully to answer a bride’s preferences, style and silouette. This item is a secret until the wedding day, and the most important element: women wear dresses daily, but a wedding dress is worn just once in your life.

As the perfect dress of the bride is a joint of time and effort, and it is not a bride’s dress until it has been customized to addapt the woman’s shapes, it is essential to be sure that it is going to be impeccable when the day comes and the bride is ready to up it on. This is the reason why it is important the choice of the dress, but it is advisable to take care while choosing the wedding dress bag that is going to keep it clean until the wedding date.

So why is it so important to choose a good bride dress?

As we have already mentioned, bride dresses are unique items: they are chosen, tailored and customized to become perfect on a woman. We can consider that a wedding dress is ready just when it has been tailored. So it is easy to understand the importance of protecting it until the special date.

Moreover, this kind of dresses are usually made from delicate of expensive tissues, such as: satin or silk; even most of them include delicate details, flowers, pearls or crystal elements, as examples. Tissues and details make a dress for brides a precious item, but they make it delicate too! Such a dress can be broken or torn easily if it has not been kept properly.

In addition, flamenco wedding dresses, as well as princess style ones, most of times they show floaty skirts and include ruffles. These elements make from clothes unique pieces that are easy to associate to flamenco and Andalusian culture, of course, they are spectacular because of them! But spectacularity is related to volumen in a flamenco dress for brides. A voluminous dress needs from spacious wedding dress bag ready to keep it in the best conditions, by avoiding wrinkles or folds.

Even, in case the dress has been perfectly kept until the wedding day, the celebration could be in a cottage, a ranch, a village, a resort… and it means that the dress that the bride is going to wear in such a special day needs to be moved until that place. Transport means risk too and it is not always posible to ensure that transport or transportist is apt to offer the conditions that such a delicate cloth needs: Here there is another reason to choose a bag for dresses carefully.

And we have not already mentioned  spots, fouling, folds…

The objective is simple to get: bride to look fantastic in the most special day of her life. If she needs to look wonderful, so the dress does. And that can only be achieved when the perfect wedding dress bag has been found.

Characteristics that wedding flamenco dress bags should include


Breakage, spots, unpicks, winkles… found in a dress for bride requiere the intervention of a professional ready to get the flamenco wedding dress fixed  and to do it before the “big day” (and in case it is possible to fix it, it is not going to be cheap!). So, there are many reasons to pay attention to wedding dress bags. There are many options to choose, but not al lof them are perfect to keep your item.

The best is to get a tailored clothes bag for your flamenco wedding dress, a bag done after considering all the risks that the item cuold face from the day it leaves the atelier, until the celebration day!  

In case it is not possible to have a customized bag, a Good option is to buy high quality wedding dress bags, both wide and long enough to keep the dress comfortably. When the dress is a flamenco wedding dress, that means ruffles, flowers and other elements that make from the dress a voluminous item. Of course, it is important to get sure that zippers or clips can’t damage tissues of details.

A flamenco wedding dress is an item that you have chosen with time and care, as you know it is special and it is for you! So it is advisable to take a little more time to protect it with a perfect wedding dress bag so you find your bride dress as perfect as you dreamt it in your special day.


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