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Trendy hair ups to become flamenca

3 December, 2018.

To become flamenca is not just to wear a traditional dress or an innovative Andalusian dress inspired by trends. To look like a flamenca is much more than clothes. Andalusian flamenca is done when she is wearing dress and accessories and, in addition, with a hair up or a flamenco bun, maybe decorated with a big flower.

There are many classic flamenco buns to complete your dress, but as it happens with clothes, hair ups admit innovations inspired by catwalks and New trends. Just dare a little and you can get the most trendy hair ups to become flamenca.

4 hair ups to get a  trendy flamenco style

Easy low bun for long hair

To do your hair so that it looks wonderful is not a question of time or efforts, neither money! Here there is an example of low bun fantastic to complete your flamenco costume and for success

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail
  2. Divide into two your hair above the retainer so you get a hole in the middle
  3. Pass the ponytail through the hole
  4. Take the ponytail and put it in bended it the head
  5. Lacquer the ponytail
  6. Fix the bended hair with the help of as many hairpins as required

It is a really easy to do bun: you can check it in this link to look wonderful at the Next feria ( Spanish )

Flamenca bun for long or medium length hair

To be spectacular with an elegant hair up is very simple thanks to this bun, as spectacular as easy to do. More over it is perfect both to women with long and medium length hair.

  1. Brush your hair and divide it into two parts
  2. Start from one temple: take a turf of hair and roll it up chaining an rolling turfs until the nape of the neck. Repeat the procedure from the other temple to the other nape.
  3. Gather remaining hair in the nape with a retainer.
  4. Pass the low ponytail though the hole between the two parts
  5. Divide the ponytail into two turfs of hair and roll them up their section of hair.


Any doubt about this trendy bun for flamenco?  Take a look to the Step by Step tutorial ( Spanish ) .   


Fast to hair bun: “cordobés” style


“Cordobes” bun is classic but trendy at the same time. This is a good way to get your hair up to become a real flamenca ready to enjoy every Andalusian tradition, from romerías to La Feria de Sevilla.


  1. Gather your hair in a medium height ponytail by using a retainer with the same colour of the hair.
  2. Cover the retainer by rolling up a turf of hair.
  3. Bush the ponytail and roll it up the hidden retainer.
  4. Fix it al with as many hairpins as wanted under the hidden retainer


This Andalusian bun for flamencas is as easy to do as fast to be done, anyway, just  in case: you can learn how to get your hair done for success in 10 minutes with this tutorial: 


Short length hair flamenco bun

Don’t worry if your hair is not as long as expected from a flamenca, there are many ways to get your hair done like an Andalusian woman, but you don’t have to look for ideas as here you have a simple solution to be a perfect short hair flamenca.


  1. Gather your hair into a high ponytail by using a retainer
  2. Divide your hair into two sections above the retainer
  3. Pass the ponytail through the hole formed by the division
  4. Fix the hair up by using hairpins

That is a quick way to get your hair done in flamenco style even when your hair is not really long. Try to do it by yourself just following the steps in this tutorial:

Simple tips for success with your hair in flamenco stile

To spend a lot of time (and loads of money) at the hairdresser is not the on la way to get your hair done with a fantastic flamenco bun. If you take the right decision when choosing your hair accessories even the simplest bun can become spectacular.

Some good form for success with your flamenca bun are: to use a big flower, to get an accessory in the same colour or tissue than your dress’ or to customize a comb.  The secret to get a bun to become flamenca is to know the tradition to innovate without losing the spirit of flamenco.


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