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6 November, 2018.

When faced with the choice of a good dance shoes, it is essential to take into account a number of factors which will be decisive when it comes to deciding on one model over another model or spending more or less money.

Leaving aside the obvious importance of taking into consideration the look that we are going to flaunt, there are other issues that must never be overlooked when seeking  the perfect shoe and that we will address in this article.


Depending on the type of dance that we are going to practice, there is one type or another of ideal shoe that must be investigated further and sought out.

If you are going to practice Latin dancing, we have to take into account the look that comes with this type of dancing is highly feminine, always seeking to stylise the legs of the dancer and at the same time must hold fast and offer security , meaning that you only have to worry about nothing more than dance steps.

According to the particular style, we may be inclined towards one model or another. For example, if we talk about salsa or bachata, normal is to opt for a middle heel, with the characteristic form of dance hall shoes, adapted to the width necessary to offer an optimum fastening, and can be either peep-toe either sandal thin strips, always fitted with ankle straps so as to move as little as possible.

It is advisable to search for this type of shoe in specialist stores. In this way, not only excellent quality and a range of prices adapted to the needs, the level and preferences of each dancer are assured, but moreover we will also receive much-needed expert advice in these cases.

There are shops online dance shoes that offer us a wide range of products to choose our perfect Ballroom Dance Shoe:







When discussing flamenco shoes, the importance of making the right choice is multiplied.  It must not be overlooked that in this type of dance in which the onus is largely on the feet doing the work, and therefore, we need to find a design that not only fits our feet well and causes the minimum level of damage, but also provides an optimum sound.  Whether you plan on dancing Sevillanas in the April Fair, or for a performance with a more professional slant, care must always be taken when choosing them.


The main thing is that they are made from leather, (this can be cured leather or suede). It is of the utmost importance for us to ensure that the shoes are of a good quality.  Aside from this, we can choose between a simple strap or crossed strap that rises at the instep (with which will also have much better grip) and rounded off with a heel plate compact or independent nails, which will have a bearing on the sound we wish to achieve and the use we will make of the shoes.




We must invest in a quality shoe, and always eschew imitations or shoes of Asian origin that, in general, are not made with the quality standards they should boast and will lead to more than just a headache (and sore feet too, for sure).


When speaking of footwear also intended for dancing, one must remember that the feet will suffer as they are carrying out somewhat unusual activity. The movements we make are unusual, the activity is not common and sweating, along with knocks, that the feet may suffer from have to be protected against through shoes that fit well and will not add to our problems, moreover, they provide maximum comfort and allow us to keep dancing for hours and hours.



As we have seen, there are many questions we have to ask ourselves before deciding on one or other items of footwear when looking for the ideal dance shoe, but if we take all these points into account and eventually find the perfect shoe that works for us, we are certain that you will never want to be parted from them.



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