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The basics of Flamenco dancing

10 August, 2018.


One of the typical errors of the Flamenco beginners is to choose a model of flamenco dancer to enjoy Andalusia’s Ferias. Actually, it is made up of two different outfits which, therefore, cannot be used interchangeably,

Flamenco dress for dancing or Flamenco dress for the Feria?


A flamenco dress designed for the Feria would be too heavy to proficiently perform basic flamenco dance steps, before even mentioning the more complicated steps!; While an ideal outfit for Flamenco dancing lacks the ornate frills to stand out and surprise as you walk through the open streets of the Feria’s grounds.

In which case: Dancing Sevillanas and flamenco dancing is not the same?

Flamenco is a very comprehensive discipline, which includes different styles and arrangements in which arms and feet are the key to accomplishing the thrusting movements that make flamenco so colourful. Sevillanas are a typical dance of Sevilla, experts are not in agreement as to whether Sevillanas are a type of flamenco, or not. In any case, to dance Sevillanas well, the steps must be learned and the music followed, keeping in step with the beat. This is why, when you dance a Sevillana everyone moves “equally”.

How to choose the basics to dance Flamenco and make a success of it

Now that it is clear that sevillanas and Flamenco are not the same thing and, what is more important than wearing a Flamenco dress to the Feria is not the same to dress for dancing flamenco, the next step is to clarify how to dress someone who wishes to learn to dance Flamenco.

The style of the Flamenco dancers is much simpler than that woman who attends the Andalusian Ferias, without overly adorning the garment and adding accessories, since they would reduce mobility and could hinder the energetic dance steps.

Indeed, there are three elements of basic dress code for flamenco dancing:

The skirt

Flamenco skirts add grace to the movements of the dance, so it is an essential item and to which time must be devoted as to make the right choice. Firstly, and of the utmost importance, is to be clear that not all the skirts of flamenco style can be used: one must purchase a Flamenco skirt that has the regulatory flight.

The garment’s material must be light to track the dancer’s movements. Fabrics that cling to the body or those which are overly weighty must be avoided since they would be uncomfortable to dance with. There is a type of knitted polyester made especially for flamenco and providing comfort without adding too much weight.

In terms of colours, the black Flamenco skirt or with polka dot print skirt is a classic that is difficult to fail, although currently there are models in all colours and patterns of the most original nature.

The upper garment

If the skirt provides movement and accompanies the steps of flamenco, the upper garment stands out for its simplicity, in fact, it is a complement of the lower garment designed to facilitate the arms’ movement.

The most common are the plain shirts or t-shirts that hug the body, yet the choice of a leotard is also common in Flamenco, since it conforms to the dancer’s curves, and once worn, remains in place without affecting movement, meaning that it is highly comfortable, both for older as well as younger dancers.

The shoes

Good shoes are at the fore of Flamenco dancing. There is more to think that one of the basic steps of the dance is called ‘stomping’ and, in furthermore, the movement of the feet in Flamenco is paramount. Thus, you have to choose a good pair of shoes to dance Flamenco, specific for this discipline, comfortable and made of good quality leather or hide.

Entrust this purchase to a store specialising in Flamenco fashion is the best way of finding the perfect model that will accompany its wearer in movem


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