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Tricks to choose a flamenco dresses with ruffles

Flamenco dress and ruffles are a common association. Ruffles are an important part on flamenco; in fact they are related to the origins of flamenco dresses, when women used to wear skirts and aprons with ruffles as they attended cattle trademarks. To tell the truth ruffles were one of the reasons why most Andalusian women […]


One of the biggest dilemmas when it is time to choose a flamenco dress regards its printing. There is an amazing offer on printing flamenco dress as designers add more and more options every season, so even if the first choice is to buy the dress according to our colour preferences or according to style […]

Singers who love wearing flamenco fashion

Despite their humble origins and the fact they related to countryside work, flamenco dresses are now a symbol of a culture. Fairs and pilgrimages are a privileged destination where the flamenca dress becomes the real star every season. Celeb, anonymous and singers love wearing flamenco fashion. This is the best proof of the long life […]

Feria de Abril 2017, style Del Real

One of the “must go” to every person who enjoys Andalusian culture is over: la Feria de Abril 2017, where designs and styles shown at the catwalk finally meet, it is time to evaluate to confirm that trends that have really shaped Real’s  flamencas. Ruffles, dots, flowers and fringe have met one more time. Flamencas have not […]

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