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Guadalupe Flamenco Fashion Plus Size Catalogue

Whenever we wish to enjoy wearing a Flamenco dress, we do so because we love how it makes us feel and want to wear it in those special moments such as Ferias. Long or short, Gypsy dresses must flatter any woman’s body regardless of their age, height, or size. For all those women with larger […]


According to the traditions, canastero dress used to be a secondary option to wear during Feria de Abril in Seville. The reason is because a canastera dress is the dress that women wear at pilgrimages, moreover at El Rocio, the most popular pilgrimage event in Seville, when canastera dress looks wonderful in many innovative designs. […]

Essential clothes of flamenco style: skirt, shawl and shoes

To highlight at La Feria de Sevilla is the result of studying latest trends, knowing the most flattering items and choosing the best shop to buy a flamenco dress. The joint of these three elements is the key to get a perfect look ready to make you highlight on El Real. Basic clothes of flamenco […]


As flamenco fashion develops, one of its most innovative and interesting branches do the same. Nuptial flamenco fashion or bridal flamenco fashion is an alternative that wins new fans season after season. And due to this popularity, it is easy to understand the reason why there is a complete section on the catalogues of the […]

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