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Buying a flamenco wedding dress online , oh my dream

Dream come true: to buy a flamenco bride dress from America North American Paloma Moreno, who lives in the town of Chula Vista (California) in the West Coast of the United States, wanted to buy a flamenco bride dress from America, so she contacted Guadalupe Moda Flamenca to get her customized flamenco wedding dress. Customer […]


LITTLE GIRL FLAMENCO FASHION: THEY ARE IN THE FERIA TOO! Mum wants to look perfect at the Seville’s Fair, but it is not the only one in the family that can wear a fashionable flamenco dress “con salero”: little girl flamenco fashion has come and it makes possible to find a complete catalogue of dresses […]

Fashionable flamenco dresses: nude backs

Our eyes are fixed on the flamenco fashion ultimate trends in these days (We love flamenco have just finished and it has been a big success and Simof is coming), this is the perfect period to find out what designers purpose on flamenco dresses and accessories to adapt it to the Seville’s Fair. New sleeves, ruffles, […]

Flamenca accesories: new season

To find the perfect flamenco dress is not an easy task, but once that choice is completed, most women think that the rest of tasks are simple as the thing to do is to buy some accessories. Far from being a simple task, the choice of the accessories customizes and gives personality to the dress: […]


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