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Trendy hair ups to become flamenca

To become flamenca is not just to wear a traditional dress or an innovative Andalusian dress inspired by trends. To look like a flamenca is much more than clothes. Andalusian flamenca is done when she is wearing dress and accessories and, in addition, with a hair up or a flamenco bun, maybe decorated with a […]

Do you know the different flamenco skirts for success?

With a few exceptions, skirts are considered as a female item, and it is easy to understand the reason as they highlight the curves of the body of the women. Skirts are clothes that grid the waist and then hug the hips, with the most different lengths, by anyway it is an item that make a […]


When choosing our flamenco dress, close attention must always be paid to the design which the fabric, colour, printing will have… and when this aspect is clear in our minds, it is time to turn to the accessories.  Without wishing to undermine the great work involved and the doubts that might arise when seeking out […]


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