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Very original polka-dots flamenco dresses

Traditional flamenca dresses are easily recognizable by ruffles and polka-dots, of course. It is hard to imagine a classic flamenco outfit where dots are not present, more over if the woman who is going to wear it wants to look like a typical flamenca. Then, there are many trends that can be added, transparencies, laces […]

The most flattering Spanish hair bun: from classic to innovative

The flamenco dress is the only regional dress which is always changing to adapt new trends and style to its classic shape. This same truth is useful to talk about the rest of the flamenca’s outfit, who can get a unique dress by choosing its accessories properly, and by adding good hairdo and make-up. In […]

Where to find new trends for a flamenca costume?

To wear the most original Spanish flamenco dress; to become the star on an Andalusian event by getting the all the eyes are on the costume and its accessories; even just to look like a real flamenca walking on Andalusia’s fairs. To enjoy the Spanish folklore is the main aim to check carefully the style […]

Flamenca dress and heels: How to get a perfect-match

The dress is the star to show at every fair in Andalusia. When a new Feria’s season is coming, it‘s time to look for the inspiration to get our perfect flamenco dress. To highlight thanks of the originality of the item, to become one of the native women by wearing a typical dress or to […]

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