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4 June, 2018.

As flamenco fashion develops, one of its most innovative and interesting branches do the same. Nuptial flamenco fashion or bridal flamenco fashion is an alternative that wins new fans season after season. And due to this popularity, it is easy to understand the reason why there is a complete section on the catalogues of the most important designers to show latest developments on flamenco dresses for spouses; every year more and more women include flamenco dresses in the list of indispensable on their special day.


A classic flamenco dress highlights the shape of the woman who is wearing it, the same result can be reached by wearing a bridal flamenco dress. Flamenco dresses suit woman’s shape and highlight it by using flattering ruffles and other typical flamenco ornaments on white that make a bride looks radiant as she walks up to the altar.



A traditional flamenca


A classic style on flamenco fashion is always a good choice. There are some innovations on this season, which does not mean that the most representative elements of flamenco tradition have been forgotten.


It is clear that ruffles on skirt are expected in a flamenco dress, if we are talking a about a bridal dress it is the same: a classic flamenco dress for brides shows ruffles that reach hips. And add volume. Instead of so we can choose to wear ruffles not on the skirt but at the end of sleeves. A bouquet is not the only way to wear flowers in a marriage, they can be place to the bridal hairstyle.


Fringe becomes a natural part of the dress, where they are shown on sleeves or back nudes. These are some trend that can also be seen in Feria de Sevilla flamenco dresses. Another element that “normal” and bridal flamenco fashion share is to wear a train plenty of ruffles. Classic trains on flamenco dresses for brides used to be plain, but now trend is changed: dare to add ruffles to get a voluminous train!



Rocio Fair style


In case you do not want to look too classic is your say “yes” day, a Rocio fair dress style is perfect to you. This single-ruffle-dress  is really flattering!


When can see two different trends this season: a plain ruffle or a pleating one. The shape of the nuptial dress offers two alternatives too, as bride can choose to wear a classic one or an original model. Anyway, spouse is going to feel fantastic in her flamenco dress, as a common point of all the options is that they are very comfortable.





Current flamenco bride


Catalogues are full of classic items, but there are trendy dresses ready to inspire no conventional brides  who want to be modern flamenco brides.


If we talk about nudes, asymmetric alternatives are trendy. We can find single-strap or single-sleeve dresses, neckline or bosom are the right place to put some flowers. Sleeves, bosom or back can also show transparencies or embroidery. In case of embroidery, the most popular deco are dots or flowers.


When we analyse the fabrics chosen by designers in this new season, we find out that original dresses’ fabrics are lighter that in classic models,  thanks to the incorporation of satin, which gives an indie touch to a bridal style.


A latest development is a cloth inspired by a classic flamenco dress, but divided intro two items. It is common that top and skirt are divided by a ruffle, creating a peplum effect. A rip or a sash are other elements to “join” a two pieces wedding dress, the election of this kind of accessories offers the bride a lot of chances to as innovative as she wants. The result is a very original dress.: impossible not to highlight!


We have already shown that regarding options, nuptial flamenco fashion is always more and more complete. Bridal flamenco fashion takes into account every bride, even those who want a flamenco dress that is not so classic. You can be a classic bride or a no-conventional spouse, but it is going to be easy to find a model that suits your style; they key to succeed with the choice of your flamenco wedding dress is to listen to the advises of the top flamenco fashion designers.


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