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18 September, 2018.

If it is one of the first times you’re going to El Rocio, it is possible you are somewhat unsure as what to wear to enjoy this traditional festivity, even more so if you only usually attend classical Ferias.  What must be taken into account at an early stage, is that El Rocio is a pilgrimage, and therefore we are going to face high temperatures and rather complicated terrain whilst completing the journey.


The special circumstances of this event mean that there is a slightly more relaxed style book than to attend the Feria, and the key is in finding the appropriate accessories that make our pilgrimage look a perfect set for enjoyment without losing one iota of style. Hats, flowers, xxl earrings, sashes, hats, shirts, espadrilles… all these accessories will help you stand out as the best dressed attendee of El Rocio.



Rocieras skirts, what you have to know


Starting from the beginning,it is of the utmost importance to find a good quality Rociera skirt, which is not very expensive if it is our first time,  or we simply want to enjoy the experience without undertaking a major investment. So that they can really show off your wares, the cut must be fitted to the waist, without being so tight so that there is no need to worry about being able to mount a horse or feeling comfortable when seated.  If they also have a sash, we will help you create the sought-after notching effect, and they will be much more enhanced if we decide to accompany it with a somewhat looser-fitting shirt.


This type of skirts are especially flattering, embrace the feminine silhouette and have typical frills of flamenco skirt that both highlight, thus being able to choose one, both or a cascade style if we fancy it.




Sun hats


One of the standout accessories that are an essential item of El Rocío are the hats. Almost unique to this event, unless we opt for a shorter dress to attend the Feria, the hats are both highly flattering and practical, since it will be necessary to protect ourselves from the heat and sun to prevent any kind of scares for the long drawn out days El Rocio entails.


The Cordoba style hat is more typical for El Rocio: sturdy, dark coloured, with a straight and short flounce, whilst remaining flattering. We can accompany it with flowers, if we choose to wear them on the side with a low bow, or without, if we decide to wear our hair down.  The most suitable solution is to go with a dark brown or black shade with the colouring focused on the rest of the elements we choose for these days, usually reddish, greenish, turquoise, orange or beige tones… Colour comes to the fore during El Rocio.




Flowers that give off light


As when you think of the outfit for the Feria, flowers take on a starring role during El Rocio.  Perhaps even more because you might wish to exhibit a more ‘streetwise’ or casual look than in the Feria and that the flower is what really stands out over any other accessory.  To achieve this, it is advisable to choose a large flower that can be placed on top, thus crowning the head if it is the only accessory to be worn, or flanked, either because a hat will be added or because we don’t fancy standing out so much.





Earrings , colour and brightness


With regard to earrings, El Rocio is normally associated with classic shapes, like typical pasta rings, which can be decorated with crochet insets, rigid or even beadings.


If we want to be a little more off-the-cuff, there is no reason why we cannot choose any other design, and as is the case of the flower, it is not necessary that a complete look is chosen to be able to wear this type of earrings. We can opt for and dare to show off a more urbane look, which is made up of loose-fitting shirt and pants, without any type of problem.


As we have seen the rules governing El Rocio, styles differ somewhat from what we are used to seeing in the Feria’s grounds.  Whilst it is true that this freedom can mean we can be more outgoing and devil-may-care with our look, but one must remember not to overstep the mark, and be clear that there is a line that allows an urbane look to be suitable for El Rocio.

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