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Season after season, flamenco fashion updates to include new elements that enrich it even more. On the catwalk we can enjoy shows full of creativity in which designers let their imagination fly. In the case of the 2019 flamenco bridal fashion, these changes do not go unnoticed, and we find models that are increasingly different […]

Wedding dress bags ( keep your flamenco dress)

  It is your wedding day and everything should be perfect: ceremony, flowers and bouquets, music, but mainly the dress that the bride is going to wear in such a unique celebration. A dress chosen carefully to answer a bride’s preferences, style and silouette. This item is a secret until the wedding day, and the […]


As flamenco fashion develops, one of its most innovative and interesting branches do the same. Nuptial flamenco fashion or bridal flamenco fashion is an alternative that wins new fans season after season. And due to this popularity, it is easy to understand the reason why there is a complete section on the catalogues of the […]

Bride dresses: How has it changed until today?

Some dates are unique; clothes are the best reflect to mark these special days. Flamenco dresses are a good example of item for special days as they are carefully chosen to be worn during Feria de Abril. But there is a day when the election of the dress is one of the most important decisions: […]

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