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Fashionable flamenco dresses: nude backs [update]

8 April, 2019.

Simof has just finished and Fair of April of Seville 2019 is coming, everything is getting ready at the Real, so it is time to take a look on the trends that designers have shown on the catwalk. Innovative sleeves, asymmetries, superimposed ruffles on a classic shape, fabrics that no long time ago could be seen on a flamenco dress. Moreover, the catwalk is a perfect place to get the inspiration to choose proper accessories. One more year, Feria de Sevilla becomes the perfect time when fashion and flamenco meet in the street.


A trend that we could see at previous seasons is neckline on the back of the flamenco dress. From models that only let glimpse a tiny portion of skin to those that go down to – almost- reach the waist, every year we can find new ideas to incorporate nude backs into our costume.


This season is not different. There are new ways to let the back nude, for example, tulle used in backs or backs covered by ruffles… the essence of flamenco essence is breathing everywhere!




It is not necessary to leave the back completely exposed to get an impressive nude back. In fact, one of the most elegant ways to wear it neckline in back is to cover it by tulle or lace. It can have it as depth as we want it, we just have to fit it in a fabric that lets us glimpse the back. If well chosen, we can get a very feminine air to the dress! This season we have also the evolution of this neckline, becoming part of the front neckline and merging with the body of the dress. In addition, tulle that forms such necklines can be incorporated into the skirt of the suit, camouflaging and integrating into ruffles and allowing to see among the main fabrics of the flamenco dress.


When using this kind of neckline, the color of the tulle is usually the same as the rest of the dress, and the reason it that  when meeting the transparencies it supershocking! The advantage of tulle and lace is that we can play with shapes and patterns, including polka dots or flower to make back neckline even more special. However, we can dare even more by leading role with colors that stand out and even prints that contrasts with the rest of the design.





Shapes on the back


There many geometric shapes adopted by the back to escape the classic patterns which offers new chances to innovate to the most daring flamencas. Trapeze shape has been glimpsed in the flamenco catwalks and is a really comfortable way of highlight. It is perfect as you can also show as much as you want,while you flee from the typical cleavage.


In addition to this new form, there is half moon form, which is round to the end of the back, square, and peak. If we do not want to show too much, a very good option is to dare with a XXL ruffle that crosses the limits of the fabric of the dress.




Complementing the back


When choosing whether to wear a neckline on the back, it is important to take into account if we want to wear a shawl or not. It is true that the shawl is better if we are wearing a high neckline, there are many original ways to wear it can make the fringes look the same without giving up the chance of showing a good part of the back.

It is very important that the shawl is caught at the neckline. In the box necklines, they key is to tuck the shawl to form a semicircle and let it fall down. Another original way, is to cross the shawl from behind: each end borders the fabric and accompans the shape of the pattern. And finally, if what we want to wear fringe without a shawl, it is possible to choose a model with a fringe sewn on the neckline, so you have a feeling of movement.


Despite all the options we’ve seen before, we do not have to give up on a design with our backs completely nude. Even if we dare, we can incorporate some of the elements we have seen before, tulle, lace, ruffles, a shawl or fringes that cover much of the back.




The trend of nude backs on flamenco dresses is repeated season after season on the catwalk. We can say almost certainly that the necklines on the back is a safe value when looking for a flamenco dress, and it is going out of fashion during many fairs! Another advantage is that we can apply it to most patterns that we can see in Flamenco Fashion catalogs.


The most important when we are searching for a flamenco dress, it not to be afraid to dare to innovate. Each costume, like each person, is unique, and there are as many mixes of fabrics, sleeves, necklines, and patterns, as we can imagine. In conclusion: a flamenco dress is likely to change from one season to the next, so why don’t you dare by wearing a nude back flamenco dress at El Real this year?


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