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Earrings brooches, headwear, hairup for flamenco bride

22 February, 2019.




The wedding day is a very special date. It is plenty of special, unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable moments, but there is something that is going to become the star of the celebration and to draw all the attention: the moment when the bride appears. At that time, it is revealed the biggest secret of the wedding: her outfit.  A bride dress is an item that is going to be worn once, but it is certain the most special one. Before that moment, when it is revealed, there are hidden time, dedication, information and search to find de perfect dress.

When talking about the dress of the bride, it is fair to point that there are many styles and trends to choose. One of the most popular styles is the bride dress inspired by a culture, which includes flamenco costumes.


Flamenco brides: more than a dress

And it does not happen just in Andalusia. Flamenco bride dresses reaches more and more countries every new season. A typical Andalusian dress is flattering, sensual and sophisticated, as it adapts female shapes perfectly. So, a flamenco dress is a good choice to look wonderful in your wedding.

The bridal dress is a star of the celebration, but it is just a part of the outfit of the spouse. A dress is not completed until the woman adds earrings, brooches, headdresses and hairups, the accessories which customize the outfit. Because the dress is the main part, but flamenco accessories are keys to make it possible to look like a real flamenco bride.


Accessories of a flamenco bride

Because the real challenge of the bride arrives when it is time to choose the accessories of the flamenco outfit. How to choose a hairup that makes me look like a flamenca?  Should I wear flower in my headwear? And so.


There is not a simple answer, but a lot of options to value. Anyway, some advises can help completing the bridal outfit.Hairups and buns for a bride

First, it is important to point that a sevillana does not wear her hair long and loose, so a flamenca bride should avoid it. So, to choose a hairup is required, fortunately it is easy to get it right as there are many ideas of easy and simple flamenco buns and hairups for weddings.

In fact, it is advisable not no choose complicated or baroque hairups. Flamenco is related to passional music, and a flamenco dancer chooses a light bun rather that a heavy hairup. A low bun or a spiky chignon can be as simple as effective solution to get your hair done in the selected date to say “yes”.

Flamenco bridal headdresses


A flamenco bride’s hairup can be simple, because to make it spectacular you can use headdresses.

A big flower made with the same tissues of the dress and in the same colour, could be a perfect head accessory. A flower is a classic element in Andalusian fashion, the other one is a flamenco comb.  A comb and a bun are a perfect match, and an option to consider when looking for the Best way to complete a Sevillana wedding dress.

Both elegant and sophisticated is the alternative of gathering your hair into a bun and garnishing with a gorgeous silvered pin.  In case you have decided to wear a veal, pins are the best option too.


Flamenco earring for brides

Silver, diamonds and pearls are the main – and classic – elements used to create bridal earrings, but there are many designs ready to satisfy women, from the shortest and simplest to the flashiest. For example, an infallible way to succeed is a pair of tear-drop shape earrings… a typical element in a flamenco outfit perfect on a bride too!

Nowadays, new materials and designs are used in innovative collections of jewels for brides, it means a lot of new possibilities of including some colourful details to complete your wedding dress.

In such an especial date, it is important to search perfection in everything. Every detail, from the biggest one to the smallest needs to be analysed and carefully chosen. That is the way to be sure of getting an unforgettable celebration not just for the spouses, but for all the guests too.

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