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Do you know the different flamenco skirts for success?

3 December, 2018.

With a few exceptions, skirts are considered as a female item, and it is easy to understand the reason as they highlight the curves of the body of the women. Skirts are clothes that grid the waist and then hug the hips, with the most different lengths, by anyway it is an item that make a women feel sophisticated and even sexy. Skirts are fashionables clothes, a must have which changes from season to season,: new cuts and styles, new lengths, new prints…  but never lacks on the collections. The most variated styles of a single item make from skirt a basic one to highlight, stylize, shape… women’s body and a key piece to success when choosing a flamenco dress.

In fact, when talking about flamencas, flamenco skirts as an essential element to make a wonderful flamenco dress for success, as the shape a woman’s curves but highlight movements when she is dancing sevillanas. Flamenco skirts for success are those which have been chosen to improve the natural beauty of a woman even when she is walking along the street of El Real.

Different flamenco skirts for success

Classic flamenco skirt

Tailored in light tissues to make it fullness, a classic flamenco skirt is an easy-to-wear item as it is not heavy as it has been designed for dancing flamenco. The most classic Flamenco skirts have just a big ruffle, and the have no more adornment. These kind of skirts are not really spectacular by themselves, but while  talented bailaora is wearing it, a classic skirt becomes spectacular!

Light, easy-to-wear, simple to mix, classic, basic…. And ideal to enjoy dancing sevillanas:  there are many reasons to choose this type of flamenco skirts for success!

Skirts with ruffles

Canastera is an popular Andalusian skirt.  A traditional canastera usually includes one or two big ruffles, but new trends have reinvented it by adding more and more ruffles. The result is eye-catching skirt. How many ruffles can woman add on a canastera? As much as she wants to get a skirt for succeed for real.

Canastera is a must have in your wardrobe, as is changes from Feria to Feria by adding different tops and accessories.

Skirts with ruffles

Skirts with ribbon

One of the ultimate trends in 2018, as that is considered to stay in the nest seasons are ribbons, perfect to add colour to a skirt. The result can be an original model plenty of colour and very sophisticated.

Ribbons can be added to indicate where the ruffle of the skirt starts, but is can be included in the top part of the cloth, in a vertical line.

Buttoned skirts

90’s buttoned dresses are back. But they are read to conquer new horizons, flamenco fashion is one of them. Buttoned flamenco dresses could be seen on the last flamenco catwalks, they have even reached Ferias and romerias.  Buttoned flamenco skirts is one of the most original trends, perfect for success by adding an innovative element but without losing flamenco style.

Opened flamenco skirt

As al alternative to buttons, it is interesting to point to both central and side opened skirts. It becomes a fantastic way to show your legs while wearing a classic flamenco dress, in fact, a very sexy way!


Again, talking about flamenco fashion, there are many forms to wear this kind of skirts by mixing with the most different elements:  plain and print, tissues, or degraded are just three examples of the many mixing chances with these opened flamenco skirts.

Asymmetric skirts


There are many ways for success with innovative flamenco skirts, but if you are looking for  something even more original, point to asymmetric items, an alternative that makes you possible to mix a plain part to a lot of ruffles, both in the same skirt  and in a vertical design. It is also a perfect option to include geometric forms to your dress or to add a new colour to your flamenco dress.

Skirt is an essential part on a flamenco dress for woman and, it is even fundamental to dance sevillanas, but they are even more than a piece of the flamenco’s cloth, it is the perfect place to include some of the ultimate trends, making from them flamenco skirts for success. Designers and tailors related to flamenco fashion look to street fashion to create new dresses, innovative but without losing the essence of the gipsy dress, so women can get inspired and find an item that really fits them.




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