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How to dance flamenco if you are a man

22 February, 2019.


It is sure that you have heard about one of the typical dances: flamenco. This dance, which is focused in singing and dancing, is very deep-rooted to the region.

The expressiveness of the movements is one of the keys of this musical style, which requires that the dancer – called bailaor – emphasizes steps and postures, that is the secret to delight spectators with an amazing staging.


Flamenco is a type of dance which has been developing steps and gestures for ages (it has already happened to most musical styles). In addition, it is important to highlight that, if referred to partner dancing, both man and woman adopt a specific role and the must follow the postural gestures that correspond to their genre.


How should a man move when he is dancing flamenco?

Position of the hands

One of the most significant differences between a man and a woman when they dance flamenco is the posture of the bailaores’ hands. When they turn their wrists, men’s movements are more energic, they rotate completely their hands and their fingers are slightly together.


Women, instead, try to look more sophisticated and sensual, and they rotate their wrists softly.


The most typical male turn is the “vuelta de tacón”, which is firm and intense because it is thought to elevate man’s bearing. Trunk and hip are not very pronounced in this turn, as the task of highlight the movements is assigned to the female part of the couple.


Besides, it is essential to point that costumes take an important part in the turns that each of the dancers can complete. A flamenco dress for woman includes a skirt with flight so man should keep a minimum distance to execute his steps and, of course, to get a beautiful dance together to his couple.



This energic step is essential in flamenco. “Zapateado” is strongly legated to the bailor’s passion on the scenario. Its rhythm is the key to get a brilliant performance.


A well performed zapateado is really exciting. In fact, nowadays it incorporates postural gestures and hand’s movement to add even more showiness to the performance. Because the real fact is that the sound of the shoes hitting on the floor is part of the music.



Tips to become a good flamenco dancer

  1. Choose a good teacher

You should be in a place where flamenco and a good instructor meet.  Your progression is going to be ascendant if you are surrounded by the best professionals: to inspire you and to learn from them.


  1. Be patient

Neither the most reputable scientist nor the most famous movie stars have reached the top quickly. Hard work, effort and constancy have to be a part of you learning. Remember that a mistake gives you a new chance to improve.


  1. Take time to learn from artists

You can find most of the performance of your favourite artists on Internet, so you can observe and learn from their staging.


Synchronization, strength, concentration, passion are key elements to get an admirable performance with the best result:  a plethora of applause.



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