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Bride dresses: How has it changed until today?

4 June, 2018.

Some dates are unique; clothes are the best reflect to mark these special days. Flamenco dresses are a good example of item for special days as they are carefully chosen to be worn during Feria de Abril. But there is a day when the election of the dress is one of the most important decisions: your wedding!

Now it is possible for a bride to find a lot of models and design, from classic to innovative. Even there is a trend that joins tradition to innovation: flamenco dresses for brides.BRIDE DRESSES

The origins of bride dresses until today

To understand why bride dresses get on well with flamenco fashion it is needed to start by the origins of bride dresses. To know how the dress that a bride is wearing the day she marries has been developing until today shows that, despite it is a traditional celebration, trends weight on it. In short: the bride dress has never stop developing until now!

Roman brides used to wear a while tunic with a cordon. The most characteristic element was an accessory: brides dress a flower crown. White was the favourite colour in these days, and the reason was that it was the colour related to Hymen, god of marriage ceremonies.

In the first times of Middle Age, the way a bride looked like was not really important, but as years went by, bride dresses became a reflect of the power of the families. The most powerful families used to choose expensive tissues which completed with jewels. Red is the most popular colour in wedding dresses, as this colour was joined to wealth.

By the last years of Middle Age, Indigo blue became popular in Europe. To reflect purity took importance in a period when The Church was powerful: that tone of blue was Holly Mary’s colour.

Romanticism brought new trends on bride dresses: pastel colours. Pink, blue, yellow or green could be seen in a bride dress, if they were in a pastel version. Accessories worn were rich, mainly as gold and silver were the most common metals both in tissues and jewels.

1840 is an important year in the History of Bride Fashion: it was the year when white became the “official” bride colour. Queen Victoria chose a white dress to marry Prince Albert. White was not a conventional wedding dress in those days, but it became so after such an important marriage!

In the following years, the style of bride dresses changed may times to adopt the trends at the time: from wealthy and classic dresses to modest ones. By the 20’s short dresses for bride became popular and joined the offer of models that a bride can choose to day yes.

Bride’s fashion is now plenty of options that women can take into account when choosing her bride dress: from long to short; from voluminous to straight shape, from deep from neckline to back nude, there are a lot of options ready to be chosen. Not just models are a lot, talking about colour brides can find a lot of alternatives: white is still the preferred tone, but it is not the only one. . White can be mixed in bride dresses that show other colours in inembroidery or laces; or it can be avoided  as bride prefers a total block in any other colour, from pastel tones to red, there are even brides who choose a black wedding dress!

Flamenco wedding dresses


Flamenco dress is about 200 years old, so flamenco wedding is even younger; anyway they are considered one of the most representative elements of the traditions in Andalusia. Due to this, it is easy to understand why flamenco dresses for brides are so popular: not only in Andalusia, they are chosen everywhere!

Flamenco dresses to say yes has been developing from their origins moreover thanks to the effort of most of the most exclusive flamenco fashion designers, who has been adding white dresses to wear on a wedding to their collections.

a flamenco dress for brides has usually a classic shape, but it can be customized to make it a unique item: ruffles, fringe or flowers are just some elements that can be easily found on a flamenco dress to get married.

A flamenco dress gets on well with new trends, the same can be said it we talk about flamenco dresses for brides. White is the main choice of a spouse who wants to look like a real Andalusian woman in her special day, a flamenco dress is the right option to make her feel special during the ceremony, but it is even wonderful to enjoy the rest of the celebrations when here won’t be a lack of opportunities to dance sevillanas.

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