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Accessories for your flamenco dress 2019

18 September, 2018.

When April arrives, and with it, the Feria season is around the corner. You’ve found the perfect dress and only (that sounds easy) need to choose the accessories.  At first it may seem simple, but we must not overlook the importance the flamenco look has.  They can be a friend or a foe in equal measures, and a poor decision when it comes to finding accessories for your new Flamenco dress can mean your dress is completely overshadowed.


Another situation in which accessories will come to the fore is in those cases in which we cannot afford or do not want to have more than one dress to go to the fair in, or simply have a dress that we are particularly keen on and want to get the maximum possible benefit. The manner in which you complement it will mean that it may seem like a completely different garment, and we will make us fall even more in love with that special design.


The importance of tassels


The shawl has always been one of the most relevant pieces when discussing accessories for flamenco dresses. Manilla shawls are the most eye-catching, while the fair-style shawls are deemed more discrete, they always give a stately and distinguished touch to any dress, filling it with colour and movement thanks to its tassels.


As the years go by, tassels have been mutating and adapting to the trends of each season, going so far as to dispense with the shawl and form part of the dresses’ necklines, either the front décolleté, with a V, boat or boxed shape, or in the neckline at the rear.


If we take a plain dress, we can choose a shawl of the same tone with embroidery items in a colour that makes it stand out, and take it as a layer, either at the sides or supported on the back and shoulders.




The headdress replaces the flowers


Are you tired of always wearing the same type of flowers? There are times that become fed up of always wearing classic floral arrangements, placed either to the side or just above the head, and wish to look for something different.


In recent seasons, it has been seen that, in addition to the classic flower and floral crowns, the trend has evolved to resemble almost a headdress that we usually see donned by wedding guests. The possibilities that this offers us involve a wide variety of colours and volumes and can even match the dress’s fabric  with the fittings or insets for the headdress.



XXL Earrings and hair combs


If there is something that has been tried and tested with the passage of time and Ferias, it is that earrings increasingly gain more prominence in designers’ collections, thus becoming a key element in the look for any flamenco aficionado. Whilst it is true that the classical forms are still very present, these have changed by adapting insets that can be woven as crochet or even stones.


The Combs were, for a certain time, the great overlooked element of the Ferias, but they have returned with aplomb to become the ideal partner of earrings and the perfect complementary flower, contributing a different touch, classical yet modern, to flamenco hairstyles.




Flamenco accessories for girls


We must not forget the smaller members of the family when talking about flamenco accessories, and to note that, besides cutting a pretty and stylish figure, they must be comfortable, to be able to run, dance and enjoy the attractions of the Feria to the maximum.


Floral headbands that do not stick in the hair with awkward-shaped forks, shoes in which they can run and dance all day long and with slight and small inclines are key to ensure that their Flamenco dresses look amazing and do not hinder their unbridled enjoyment of the Feria.



To get the most out of our favourite Flamenco dresses is, as we have seen, a piece of cake if you know how to choose the appropriate accessories.


You need do nothing more than take a look at the catalogues of designers each season to take the thousand and one ideas that allow us to completely renew our look or change of dress every day taking a completely different style that make us stand out as having impeccable style. Mixing and matching accessories allows us, in the end, to enjoy combining pieces full of style until we find our ideal look. 


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