Flamenco Dress Styles if its Cold at the Festival

21 May, 2018.

When the dates of the most notable festivals get closer, weather forecast websites hit records of visitors. It’s not surprising because we all know how annoying it can be when it’s cold and rainy at a festival.  Nonetheless, there’s nothing that can keep us at home once the streets light up and flamenco fashion gives us many options to enjoy our days off without the rain or cold being an impediment.

A specific choice of crochet, a well chosen accessory, or suitable shoes could be our best allies in order to enjoy a festival despite the rain.

The “chaquetilla” is a classic Short Jacket when we talk about keeping warm when we talk about flamenco fashion. A short chaquetilla, or torera, is ideal to navigate low  temperatures. In addition, it can be a perfect ally to mark the waistline if we find it in the correct length. 


With a dress altered  almost above the knee, the jacket can obtain a bit of volume and movement for the torso and create  a flattering ‘tight’ effect around the waste. It creates   a slender silhouette and the arms and back are protected from the cold as we see on this model in the photograph “Entre Cirios y Volantes”. Who could ask for more?

Long Sleeves and Big Ruffles


Without the need to add extra pieces of clothing, the flamenco dress can adapt so that the cold temperatures that can creep  up on the festivals do not affect us at all and allow us to enjoy just as if the sun were shining.  If we are talking about temperaturas lower than normal, we simply have to choose a dress with a thicker fabric that keeps us warmer than silk or a material with lace or openings. Then we add long sleeves and the dress becomes the perfect weapon against the cold. Wide ruffles that cover the wrists well (and on some occasions, almost the hands) can also help us to shield.

If it rains, we can opt for a ankle-length dress.  Not quite a short suit, we have to keep in mind that if the dress drags on the ground, there is a possibility of ruining it if it falls into the wet pipeclay. Suits that fall to the ankle are one of the best ways to free ourselves from any unpleasantries if we are faced   with a rainy festival.

Short Dress

Aside from being one of the most flattering styles, opting for a short dress can be a great option for the coldest days, including when it rains. It conforms to the elements, and also creates  a very flattering effect on the woman. It keeps you warmer than a more usual flamenco dress. The shirt, which can be worn as a poplin together with the short jacket and the high cut pants, are going to conform to a warm look for the festival.

In addition, let’s not forget that as a general rule this style of dress includes a hat and a pair of ankle boots, perfect for dealing with this type of harsh weather. A 2 for 1 look, with a high level of style, and with all of the comfort and tools to shield us and experience a great festival.

The Accessories Game


The Manila Shawl, which is often wrapped around the waist, or with the tassles around the neckline, might be one of our best allies. With its material having a specific weight, if we put it around our shoulders it protects us perfectly from the cold. 

If we look at our feet, just as we spoke about the advantage of the short dress and including ankle boots, we must keep in mind that depending on the style of the dress, we can also opt to combine this type of shoe.

One thing is clear: if the skies threaten a storm, we have to leave our esparto grass at home in order to avoid various possible disappointments, and take our close-toed shoes that would best compliment our dazzling flamenco dress out of the closet.

If one thing is clear, it’s that we have more than sufficient tools to shine en el Real whatever the temperature on the thermometer may be when the great days get closer. Even though we have to condition our suit if the skies turn dark, this doesnt mean we are going to lose an iota of style.



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