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Flamenco: Also Very Important in the Americas

Flamenco is more than a dance, it is an artistic expression where movements and songs say more than a thousand words. You need many years of study and training in order to understand it. It is a mixture of Arab, Jewish and Gypsy cultures that arrived in Spain in the 15th century and which crystallized […]

Accessories for your flamenco dress 2019

When April arrives, and with it, the Feria season is around the corner. You’ve found the perfect dress and only (that sounds easy) need to choose the accessories.  At first it may seem simple, but we must not overlook the importance the flamenco look has.  They can be a friend or a foe in equal […]

The basics of Flamenco dancing

One of the typical errors of the Flamenco beginners is to choose a model of flamenco dancer to enjoy Andalusia’s Ferias. Actually, it is made up of two different outfits which, therefore, cannot be used interchangeably, Flamenco dress for dancing or Flamenco dress for the Feria?   A flamenco dress designed for the Feria would […]

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