SIMOF: A World Leader in Flamenco Fashion

30 October, 2018.

Spain is one of the richest cultural countries in the world and stands out for the richness of its gastronomy, its natural wealth and also the joy of its inhabitants. Spain attracts millions of tourists to visit it annually. However, with regard to our culture there is something that conquers anyone who visits this country and that is the magic that entails the flamenco dance.

Flamenco is not only a musical genre that has managed to achieve a national identity, but also has been able to expand into world culture. More and more people have decided to dance this musical genre as a method of expression, while converting their culture, clothing, art and expression into a global trend that follows the unstoppable path of the growth of Spanish art in the world. 

For those lovers of this genre, there are various festivals where they can see their majestic dances and even the advances of the same, but one of the best festivals there is is the SIMOF fair of which we will discuss in this post.


The SIMOF Fair: The Majesty of Flamenco

As mentioned above, as Jerez is the capital of song and Seville the capital of dance, a fair as prominent as the SIMOF could  not be missed in these places, where flamenco lovers can find clothing, tools and other articles of interest to be able to express this musical genre in the best possible way.

The SIMOF fair appeared with the arrival of the new millennium, in the year 2001. It was an alternative for all lovers of good music and the most autochthonous dance could be found in one place and could share interests and even get products dedicated to this art. Its main mission is to highlight flamenco, both as a form of musical expression and a type of dance rich in cultures, not only at the national level but also with an international projection.

It is celebrated with the arrival of spring, in early February. It is an auspicious date to highlight the warmth offered by flamenco and also inaugurates what we call “the season of flamenco fashion” where various dressmakers and professionals dedicated to the making of flamenco apparel meet and display the latest trends of the year in flamenco fashion.

Currently, the SIMOF Fair has been in existence for 17 years and is held in Seville and Jerez as a way to pay homage to these two sites and where this beautiful musical genre is fully expressed. In the year 2017 the even spread massively and managed to get the assistance of some 80 spectators, about 46 firms and designers, and some 32 exhibition catwalks for anyone who decided to visit them.

Every year the SIMOF Fair promises more and more and generates new opportunities. If we were to determine in detail all that the fair has to offer, in the year 2017 approximately 1,400 flamenco costumes were exhibited on its catwalks (200 more than in the SIMOF Fair of 2016) for all kinds of  tastes and in only 4 days. They were shown off by renowned models such as Carla Pereira, Jessica Bueno, Marisa Jara, Laura Matamoros and Mireia Canal, flaunting these wonderful styles.

Currently, the SIMOF Fair is supported by famous organizations such as Doble Erre, Doble Erre, El Palacio de Exposiciones, El Salón Internacional de La Moda Flamenca SIMOF and El Congreso de Sevilla Fines, which work hard throughout the year in order to offer that majestic event that fills us with enthusiasm and wonder and shows us the best of flamenco fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Attend the SIMOF Fair this year and appreciate the Spanish culture of flamenco in all its glory. It’s an event that will leave your mouth wide open.

First Flamenco dress at SIMOF

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