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Feria de Abril 2017, style Del Real

One of the “must go” to every person who enjoys Andalusian culture is over: la Feria de Abril 2017, where designs and styles shown at the catwalk finally meet, it is time to evaluate to confirm that trends that have really shaped Real’s  flamencas. Ruffles, dots, flowers and fringe have met one more time. Flamencas have not […]


Despite the most popular Andalusia’s Fair is La Feria de Sevilla, aka Feria de Abril (althought it can be both in April or May), there are other events in the Andalusian culture which are suitable celebrations to look fantastic with trendy summertime flamenca dresses. The one which opens the season of Andalusian Ferias is Feria […]


How did you choose Moda Flamenca as the theme of our photo shooting? Creative people including popular commercial photographers have times of creative crisis, it is inevitable. The recipe for exiting from a state of a stupor is inspiration. Therefore once a year I bring together congenial colleagues and I choose an interesting theme to push us […]

Trendy short flamenco dresses

Flamenco fashion is evoluting, we mentioned at the post we dedicated to little girls flamenco style that youngers ‘ designs are usually inspired by their mums’ dresses, but it is also true that inspiration comes in the other direction, in other words: some women love the style of little girls’ dresses so they look for different […]


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