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17 May, 2018.


Mum wants to look perfect at the Seville’s Fair, but it is not the only one in the family that can wear a fashionable flamenco dress “con salero”: little girl flamenco fashion has come and it makes possible to find a complete catalogue of dresses to wear to El Real and the rest of Andalusian traditions.

In the past, when a girl wore a flamen    co dress it meant feeling uncomforting, she didn’t have too much fun so their parents didn’t enjoy La Feria. Now flamenco fashion has reviewed the options on little girl flamenco fashion to find out how to join flamenco style to childhood. And the result is a flamenco fashion that cares of comfort to play and have fun. Lighter designs and lighter fabrics, adapted to “canastero” dress and other styles, are the keys on the renewed little girl flamenco style.


Colour and little girl flamenco dress. A perfect match

They are girls; it is a fact, and an important one when choosing the perfect flamenco dress for a little girl. The perfect one to them is a colourful dress. Of course, colour means fun, but it is a perfect way to accessorize it, something that love!

That is the reason why there are more colours! Turquoise, fuchsia, orange or yellow are just some ideas; colours that can be adapted to ‘colour block’ urban trend. They can be mixed, of course, but they can be joined to different prints: dots or flowers, for example. The result is a really original little girl flamenco dress.


The “Marisol” dress

As we mentioned in the introduction of this post, no long time ago little girl flamenca dress was too heavy and rigid and the objective was to make girls seem to be like “little flamenco women”. Nowadays the style is renewed to offer them the chance of being always girls, and a Marisol dress it as perfect way to get it as skirt is shorter.

 The -Marisol-flamenco-dress

It is easy to think on the advantages of the dresses that famous actress Marisol used to wear: cute and nice, as the skirt is shorter, movements are easier, perfect to dance or to play! Smaller ruffles can be places at the end of the skirt to make it longer or shorter, when keeping the knee as a referral of the length of the dress.

New sleeves

As Seville’s Fair is common, dresses and style are an important part of every conversation, but the Feria`s weather is the most common topic. And when thinking on girls and the dresses they are going to show conversations about weather are related to worries to get a dress adapted to the temperature. Since girl dresses are lighter it is easier that they wear it with confort even when weather is warm. Of course it is even better for them as they can play and enjoy fair attractions.


But there are also long sleeve design ended by a ruffle, ¾ sleeve dresses or wide straps dresses. Instead lantern sleeves are not advisable.


As when dressing a girls, trends point to choose a dress that is mainly comfortable, when buying accessories of a flamenca dress, trends are quite similar and they invite to reduce the elements to add so that the girl feel comfortable.

Long time ago heavy accessories were very common, those days are gone and now hair-slides are the best option, and it is also perfect to complete with earrings.

Flowers are typical flamenca accessories, but they can be uncomfortable as they are usually fixed with the help of hairpins. As an option, we can point to diadems. Shawls are the other important element to get a perfect style: the best option is to choose a short-fringe shawl.

Low-heel Esparto shoes are a good idea to complete the dress: both buckle or ribbons are perfect solutions to be sure she is comfortable and fashionable.  As an alternative, the classic low-heel flamenco dress is fine too.

Since little girl flamenco fashion arrived to SIMOF, it is always more and more important, the best of this growth is that girls can find always more alternatives to get a perfect flamenca style that allows them enjoying the Feria as what they are: little girls.

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