6 November, 2018.

When choosing our flamenco dress, close attention must always be paid to the design which the fabric, colour, printing will have… and when this aspect is clear in our minds, it is time to turn to the accessories.  Without wishing to undermine the great work involved and the doubts that might arise when seeking out the centrepiece of our flamenca look, it must be borne in mind that accessories have the same or even more importance as the design chosen for the dress.


Within the range of accessories, leaving to one side shawls, tassels, earrings and bracelets, there is a highly important part of the look that must be adorned with an increasingly varied line of accessories, and that is the head. The days of parading a sole classical flower are long gone and we now wish to focus on this occasion on floral arrangements for the hair that could almost be headdresses.  A few more are innovative, others more conservative… yet certainly, amongst all the innovations and  proposals of each year, you will be able to find the ideal headdress to stand out in the fair.



When is a flower not enough


As we have already pointed out in the introduction, the classic flower long has ceased to take centre stage in current and take care never to mention that one should not or is old-fashioned to wear this type of hair adornment.  We are merely pointing that there are alternatives which never cease to appear, and which open a thousand and one possibilities for the flamencas seeking to try something different.


One of these possibilities is the combine more than one flower. There are really beautiful corsages that can provide an array of colour and life to the hair. We can also find them as headbands or crescent-shaped, placed to the sides of the head. We can choose from the same colour or combine different colours that go well with the costume design, or even play with a shade and move through the intensity of the chromatic spectrum with the different flowers that form this specific headdress.


Classical headdresses


Classical headdresses are no longer the domain solely of day weddings. Moreover, they have become part and parcel of the look of the April Fair.  Their ability to transform what previously was limited to a single flower, and be able to play with volumes, textures, colours and even include other elements such as nets and an array of others, is what makes them truly attractive.


If we opt for a larger headdress, we can even dispense with the classic combs, since there are those that appear more like a helmet thus meaning that almost the entire head is covered.




Headdresses for flamenco weddings


Flamenco fashion is not solely kept alive thanks to the April Fair, as we have already mentioned in previous posts, headdresses  have been quick to adapt to the trend of flamenco bridal fashion. The net which we mentioned when talking about classic headdresses manages to become a veil improvised for these dresses, but they can also be worn as a headband to hold the veil in place or with mini flowers to create a crown effect.


The colours available for these headdresses often range from immaculate white to more earthy colours, and offer a wholly ground-breaking proposal to wear your hair on that special day.  Furthermore, we can include in its design, such as that ‘something borrowed’ or ‘something blue’ look that are such iconic elements in brides’ looks.


Headdresses for flamenco weddings

While it is true that it is one of the most daring accessories nowadays when choosing a flamenco dress, the fact cannot be overlooked that there is a never-ending array of headdress proposals that reach the catwalk and become the collections that designers place for sale for each new season.


You don’t have to be overly bold to choose one of these accessories, the level of discretion is up to you and it is one of the most fun accessories to with which we can dress our hair. You can wear it half-tied back, or fully gathered up with a relaxed air to achieve a more casual look that has a touch of the ‘improvised’, leaving centre stage to the headdress chosen with so much care.


And if even you have not stopped to think about this kind of accessory, it is advisable that the next time you  browse a flamenco catalogue, you devote a few seconds to observing all the options that exist, undoubtedly that you will soon be captivated.



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