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Guadalupe Flamenco Fashion Plus Size Catalogue

10 August, 2018.


Whenever we wish to enjoy wearing a Flamenco dress, we do so because we love how it makes us feel and want to wear it in those special moments such as Ferias.
Long or short, Gypsy dresses must flatter any woman’s body regardless of their age, height, or size.
For all those women with larger sizes not wishing to have a hand-sewn model, Guadalupe Flamenco fashion has in its catalogue of Flamenco dresses garments for sizes 50 and above.
More so, if you come to any of our stores and through our fitting services, you can adapt your dress to you so that you always feel comfortable and beautiful.

Cheapest plus size Flamenco dresses

Here are some dresses that you can find in Guadalupe’s Flamenco Fashion Catalogue in 2018 with sizes higher than 48, and currently on offer.
Dress Model
Delightful beige and Red polka dot print dress.

This Poplin dress is timeless and never out of fashion thanks to its classic polka dot motif.


Lycra dress, Red Passion plus size

This red Lycra satin passion Flamenco dress is ideal to combine with a simple shawl of another colour to give contrast, a smart and economical formula.

It is a classic dress yet contains a series of organza feather ruffles, with trimmings of lace bobbin lace at the waist.
Emerald Green Lycra Variation Dress.
Delightful, plain Lycra dress like the red version featuring elaborate ruffles of organza feather ruffles and bobbin lace at the waist braid.
As this is a dress featuring darker tones, it is ideal for larger bodies without losing the elegance for which Guadalupe – Flamenco dresses is renowned.


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