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Flamenco wedding dresses

17 May, 2018.

The origins of flamenco dresses for women are not on fairs and events but on the Andalusian countryside women who lived on XIX century, those women used to wear a colourful simple dress and an apron, and it was common that both dress and apron were ornamented with ruffles. As they moved from time to time to the nearby towns where  cattle markets were celebrated, other women noticed that beside the dresses were humble, they were very flattering too, so they asked tailors to create different models, but in rich fabrics. 1929 was the year the flamenco dress became the official Seville Fair’s dress. Nowadays it is not just a dress that can be worn at La Feria de Sevilla, but an icon of Andalusian culture.

The popularity of the flamenco dress is well known, as it has reached different events, for example it is an inspiration on wedding dresses. One of the most request options of a bride is a flamenco wedding dress. And it is not only a typical Spanish request, but something that many worldwide brides look for when thinking on the perfect wedding dress to “say yes”.

For a bride, the wedding dress is not another dress, but the one they want to join to the memory of one of the most special days in their lives and, of course, it’s a date to take pictures and imagines that become part of the origins of a family. It is simple to understand why the wedding dress is so important.

Basic elements on a flamenco wedding dress 

Designers who create wedding dresses have taken the characteristics of gypsy dresses to create a style that can be recognised as flamenco wedding dress style as it owns basic elements of the flamenco dresses, such as ruffles, laces or fringes.



Fringes are not just an accessory of shawls, but an element that joined to a dress can create a wonderful effect. Sleeves, cleavage or back are perfect spaces to place a fringe which add graceful movements every time the bride moves.

There are different ways to wear a fringe and to get more impressive effects, by adding voluminous sleeves to fringes or by choosing colourful fringe the result can be really original.


It is possible to think on a flamenco dress without ruffles? Even when talking about a flamenco wedding dress, ruffles are an essential part of the basic elements. The best of the ruffles is that this element can be shown on different parts of the dress, and that there are as many options as brides, from a lot of ruffles, to just a few of them.

Small ruffles are perfect to get volume on the skirt, the best way to show a typical Andalusian dress, depending on the place of the skirt they are, ruffles can be very flattering too moreover if adding high heel shoes.



Flowers are both a classic flamenco dress and a wedding basic element. So a flamenco wedding dress with flowers is always a good idea. Accessories can be a good way to wear flowers, but what about the wedding dress?

For example, this one that purposes an asymmetric cleavage, shows floral elements from the shoulder, as the flowers are Golden, the effect is very elegant. The dress offers a perfect equilibrium, as flower become the main element to get the flamenco style, ruffles or fringe are not present, but the result is a perfect example of a typical Andalusian dress.


Vintage is a term that can be easily joined to fashion in these days. Both, casual or special days fashion are related to vintage. Of course, flamenco style takes into account trends, so vintage style has been adapted to flamenco dresses.

The objective of a flamenco wedding dress is to remind the past, a luxurious elegant past moment. Laces are the main element to get this effect on a wedding dress inspired by flamenco. Ruffles from hips or Perkins necklace become an essential part of a vintage flamenco wedding dress designed to show and elegant bride.

It is clear that flamenco style has been invited to be a part of the weddings, but not just like a trend. Flamenco has come to be in a prominent place: the flamenco wedding dress that most brides choose.

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