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Flamenco inspiration in the phenomenon of Rosalía

28 January, 2019.


Rosalía, the young Singer that delights everyone with her music is considered to be a phenomenon in 2019. The Catalan woman, who is a Z generation songwriter, has just presented her second record “ El mal querer “, and she has got to surprise both flamenco lovers and those who don’t really enjoy flamenco style, but not do! And they do not just by listening to Rosalia, but Camarón or Lole y Manuel too. In fact, thanks to the young songwriter, the number of Spotify reproductions of some of the most representative flamenco cantaores has been increasing since Rosalia’s Flamenco-trap appeared.

What flamenco inspiration can be found in Rosalía’s look?

We can find a lot of elements of flamenco influence in Rosalia’s dresses and accessories, even in her hairdone we can find them! In addition, there are many elements shown on her Instagram profile.

We have analysed the flamenco inspiration in the phenomenon Rosalia. Now we are going to talk about it.

For example, during the presentation of her new record at Colón Square, Madrid, in a crowded scenario, Rosalía was wearing a flamenco inspiration dress plenty of ruffles who had been designed by Palomo Spain, famous by being part of the popular Spanish reality show “ Maestros de la costura “.


We have seen Rosalia wearing shirts and blouses with flamenco patterns too. It is clear that all her outfit has been influenced by flamenco fashion, as it is easy to see that music and appearance are inspired by same flamenco style.

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Another element that can be found in most of the models shown at her shows are fringes. Fringed dresses or clothes with sleeves with fringes have always been a part of her performances, and they still are! Her show at Village Underground, is just one of the many examples, a concert that took part in Shoreditch, a district sited in the East part of the capital of the UK.


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Another pure flamenco element in Rosalia’s outfit are long-tailed skirts that Rosalia was wearing during the anniversary of Vogue España, which was celebrated some weeks ago. Even she made a 100% flamenco performance with other artists of the same genre while she was wearing it!


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There is also possible to see flamenco inspiration in Rosalia’s footwear. As Rosalia is not really tall, she suits high-heeled shoes, as they allow her to stand out among the dancers.

There is the reason why we always recommend completing a short flamenco dress with a pair of platforms, as it is an effective way to highlight the shape when the woman it not very tall.

So Rosalía is flamenco style and fashion ambassador, which is supposed to be more and more trendy in Latin market of the USA. A good example of the increase of the interest of flamenco fashion in the USA can be already found in flamenco wedding dresses.

Flamenco and Latin succeed now in North America. It is a good sign that make it possible to think that flamenco fashion is ready to delight a new generation.



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