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Be Careful! Flamenco Dresses that are too Inexpensive are being Rejected

21 May, 2018.

The nice weather has arrived, and so have the festivals! You’re eager to by a new flamenco dress. Very eager. You’ve been thinking for a long time that updating your ‘flamenco closet’ is long overdue and you decide to go online to find the latest styles of the season and perhaps make yourself a model in an online store so that your dress can arrive at your doorstep. 


You turn on your computer, you begin your search, and just after you’ve entered your key words on Google you’re struck by the amount of results of platforms in Asia offering insanely low  prices on flamenco dresses.  They may seem attractive at first glance, but later entail many more disadvantages than initially thought.

Reality Never Surpasses the Web


The idea that reality always outweighs fiction is not applicable when it comes to certain internet websites. We have to consider that if we see something online that costs at fifth of its normal price, there’s probably something we don’t know about. The case of flamenco fashion is no exception of course. 

If we can already make out on the computer screen that the quality of the material is not nearly as high as what we would find in a store or at a flamenco clothing distributor, when the outfit arrives at our house we realize (something that has happened to many consumers  who have given their feedback online) that the tailoring leaves much to be desired and the finishing touches are done carelessly. This is obvioulsy something that would stand out at a festival and make us uncomfortable with what we are wearing.

Thinking Long-Term

Although we may manage to get a dress on one of these plataforms that sells imitation clothing and low quality products that resembles a design we wish to wear, we are going to find that our investment will only last about a year, with a lot of luck. An unwanted stomp, stains left on the material from the sand, or a tear caused by snagging on a chair could all be causes that our low quality dress won’t survive the ‘all terrain’ festivals that we celebrate.

Investing in a high quality flamenco dress for the long term is going to allow us to flaunt across all of the festivals in our territory and for many years. This idea might be something that would help us trust designers who love their work and who care about making a piece that lasts a lifetime.

Alternatives to Low-Cost: Flamenco Fashion Outlets

It’s certainly true that not all of us are able to purchase  designer flamenco outfits, and there are many alternatives that the market offers us so that we don’t have to fall into the traps of these platforms. Having said this, firms like Guadalupe Moda Flamenca takes care of its customers with outlets where we can find dresses  from prior seasons in perfect condition and at a reduced  price.

It’s a great way to save on flamenco attire that on many occasions carries  things which are ’aseasonal’. Despite the fact that the clothes are from previous seasons, we can still easliy wear them at festivals and not be out of place at all.


In the end, the real problem, among many, with these platforms is that they keep designers and tailors out of work who fight on a daily basis to put a quality product on the market. These people represent the essence of flamenco style and the roots   and efforts of a dress that carries  tradition of a land should not be discredited.

If we wager  to buy on these platforms instead of looking for low-cost outlet alternatives that continue making flamenco attire that can make us feel proud, we end up favoring economies  that play with prices and the work of collectives. We’ll have a suit that won’t make us feel as beautiful, attractive, and proud that one should feel when wearing flamenco attire. On top of that, it won’t last until the second day of the festival.

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