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Flamenca accesories: new season

17 May, 2018.

To find the perfect flamenco dress is not an easy task, but once that choice is completed, most women think that the rest of tasks are simple as the thing to do is to buy some accessories. Far from being a simple task, the choice of the accessories customizes and gives personality to the dress: shoes, bag or earrings define the dress and make it unique.

Moreover when talking about flamenco fashion, as flamenco women’s style is joined to earrings, flowers and peineta. Even when they are not so popular as most time they are not shown as are hidden under the long skirt, shoes are an essential part of a gypsy dress, both to look perfect and to dance sevillanas.


Flamenca accesories : flowers

Talking about flamenco fashion and specifically about accesories, flowers are the first element to imagine as a particularity and a distinctive element of flamenco style. In fact, it is common to see women with just some flowers on the top of the head but that are not wearing a dress during Seville’s Fair.

But, when joining flowers to the dress we have bought, flowers are not just a wereable, but an element to define the style and to highlight the dress.

If we choose to wear a single flower, the best it to put it in the middle of the head and about five centimetres far from the front.

Now it is fashionable to wear a diadem of flowers, both on the top of the head or in one side of it. The best of the diadem is that it allows a lot of chances: total look, flowers with different sizes or with different colours are just some ideas to customize the outfit.


Flamenca accesories : peineta

Flowers are the most common accesories of a flamenco dress, but: what about a peineta? An element that can be easily joined to a dress to get a perfect example of a typical flamenca.

To choose a peineta is always a good idea, but it is important to take care of the face of the person who is going to wear it, as a suitable hairdo chosen according to the face’s form can be really flattering, but if the hairdo is not thought taking into account the face and its form, the result is not going to be the expected one.

There si also the option of wearing peinecillos, the trick is to check the form of the face to know where to wear the peinecillo. A woman with a round face should wear it on the top, but if she as a long form face, it is better to place it at one side of it.

When combining flowers and peineta, besides the form of the face, it is important to value the side of the peineta. The best is to look for equilibrium and to avoid wearing a peineta behind flowers.


Flamenca accesories : earring

What is the key to get success when wearing earring? To dare! A woman who want to claim to be a real flamenca is going to choose big earrings, moreover Golden details or colourful element are present on flamenca women’s earrings.

Big hoop earrings are a classic, but a basic to get a good result that is always fashionable; althought nowadays baroque earrings are trendy, so they are a good choice too.

Ruffles are trendy, but not only when talking about the dress. One of the ultimate trends that are seen on the catwalk are ruffle earrings. Flowers or pearl are the origin that allow ruffles hag on the ear.


Flamenca accesories : shoes

We said it in the introduction: shoes can be perfect allies of a dress, but it could also become the worse enemy of a flamenca. It is common to discuss about the perfect shoe to enjoy the Seville’s Fair, and the only agreement is that there are not agreements about the right shoe, although experts and women point that high heels are not a good idea if the objective is to enjoy the fair.

Ballroom shoes are always a good choice: comfortable, elegant and flattering. The perfect ally to enjoy the Feria… and to dance sevillanas!

Now that we have the perfect dress and some good advices to complete it with the perfect flamenco accessories, it is easier to make a right choice and to plan to enjoy best Feria ever!

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