Essential clothes of flamenco style: skirt, shawl and shoes

11 July, 2018.

To highlight at La Feria de Sevilla is the result of studying latest trends, knowing the most flattering items and choosing the best shop to buy a flamenco dress. The joint of these three elements is the key to get a perfect look ready to make you highlight on El Real.

Basic clothes of flamenco style to guess

Are there some basic steps to become a real flamenca? Yes, there are. In fact, we can point to some must have as basic wardrobe if your want to be a perfect flamenca. These clothes are very versatile too, as by being a little creative, you can take a lot of advantage from them.

Essential items of flamenco style

with ruffles on the hips

When we imagine a woman who is wearing a traditional Andalusian item, it is hard not to think in a woman with a flamenco dress. But this is far from being the only option. A good alternative to a dress are skirts. A  flamenco skirt can become our favourite item to feel like a real flamenca.

A classic canastera skirt is a winning choice. In spite of its advantages, it is advisable not to choose those models with ruffles on the hips, but those with ruffles placed from the knees, as they are make a woman look slimmer.

Plain or printed flamenco skirts? It is a fact that a printed skirt highlights, but a plain one offers more chances when we are planning to make a basic item from it. After all, the key to get an essential look ready to attract attention is the mix of under un top items.

By choosing a top in the same colour of the skirt we can get a sophisticated flamenca costume.  It is also possible to choose a printed top – dots or flowers are two classic flamenco printings, but we can even mix both as it is trendy-. Asymmetric items with a big ruffle on the decote or tops with ¾ sleeves showing a ruffle or fringe can become elements to get a perfect style from basic items.   A belt or a sash can help us to complete the costume as it works as union or division element depending on how we choose it.

To complete the clothes and to look like real flamencas, the shawl is a must have.  The best of shawls are that they can be offer a lot of possibilities to highlight different parts of our body or of the costume, they can even make the woman graceful when she moves or dances sevillanas. A shawl can be worn crossed, placed on the neckline or in a classic style.

What about shoes?

If the dress that I’m wearing is the main worry of a flamenca when  La Feria de Sevilla is coming, the shows to complete the outfit of a flamenca is the second one.  Shoes help us looking taller and slimmer, but they are not hidden at all, moreover when we are dancing  sevillanas.

A pair of high-heeled espadrille are a winning choice. As an alternative we can opt for pair of sandals, that work on well to complete the flamenca’s outfit.


Extra tips: Flamenca’s essential hairstyle and accessories

A nice dress or two pieces outfit completed with a good pair of shoes and we are almost ready to enjoy every Andalusian tradition.  But there are two details to make it real to feel like one more woman at La Feria: hairstyle and accessories.

There are many hairstyles for flamencas, from the classic ones, a bun as an example; to the most innovative ones. Both typical and modern are OK as well as the fulfil two conditions: hair worn up and clear face..

Last but not less important: accessories are the best allies to customize the outfit.  A nice pair of silvered of golden earrings or a flower in the hair are the final touch to make as feel a real Andalusian woman.

As it is usual: the key to guess with a mix of essential clothes of flamenco style is to provide an equilibrium between all the elements, by avoiding excesses. Even in case of choosing a basic style, it is good to value if a new item if going to improve the outfit, otherwise the best is to let it in the wardrobe.  By making a right choice of two or three basic element completed with some accessories is the secret to get that unique and distinctive flamenco style.



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