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Buying a flamenco wedding dress online , oh my dream

17 May, 2018.

Dream come true: to buy a flamenco bride dress from America

North American Paloma Moreno, who lives in the town of Chula Vista (California) in the West Coast of the United States, wanted to buy a flamenco bride dress from America, so she contacted Guadalupe Moda Flamenca to get her customized flamenco wedding dress.

Customer was really satisfied with her flamenco bride dress, but she was even happier as she could make a dream come true: to buy a flamenco bride dress from America to wear it on the most special day in her life.

We are very curious, so we want to know how somebody who is living 10.000 kilometres far away from Seville can buy a flamenco bride dress from America. Moreover: how to get a flamenco bride dress with the quality of Guadalupe Moda Flamenca products. With a clear objective, we have asked the star of this story: our customer. She can tell us her experience so other future brides who want to but a flamenco bride dress can learn from it.


How did you know Guadalupe Moda Flamenca? Did someone in the USA talk to you about the brand?

     Since a was a little girl my dream was to wear a flamenco bride dress, when I got engaged, I looked for my dream to come true so I visited the main fashion houses in the USA, but I couldn’t find my desired dress. I travelled to New York, Los Angeles and other cities, but the search was unsuccessful. My mum decided to start a research on flamenco fashion shops in Spain and we decided to count on designer Guadalupe Rosales Sánchez. We really liked her style and her exclusive dresses, so we were sure that she would be the best to make my dream come true. 


Here we get Paloma on her special day.


Why was it so important to get a flamenca wedding dress tailored by Guadalupe?

Because I saw in her dresses what I had inside my heart. I had cried as my dream was not coming true, fortunately I found Guadalupe and her style.

There is not always easy to but online: How was your experience?

The process was quite simple. My mum and I phoned the Fashion House and Federico answered. We indicated him the model we had chosen to wear on my wedding. Federico was very kind as we got all the information about the dress. The attention was essential to build trust and security. During that phone call, we indicated my measurement. He was very patient as he gave indications to my mum about how to measure. He made us know that his mother and the rest of the team would get the dress ended in 2 weeks. We asked him if it would be possible to add buttons down the back and to get a smaller neckline, and he said that there was no problem with that. He informed that after the dress had been tailored, it would take about 10 days to arrive to the USA.  Federico notified the end of the bride dress tailor and he gave us the tracking number.  

As he had mentioned, the dress reached our gate at Chula Vista, California, ten days later. While the dress was being tailored, he kindly kept in touch with us. 

  During the presentation: 

What did it happen when you wear the flamenco wedding dress and you look at the mirror for the first time?

When I was wearing my bride dress I cried. It was the dress that I had been dreaming for ages. Sleeves length, neckline, ruffles, train… everything was beautiful! It has high quality fabrics too. We thanked God as He had made possible to find Guadalupe Moda Flamenca and Federico. 
Nice to meet you. We hope to see you soon in Spain to meet our culture and Flamenco art. Have you ever been to Spain?


Yes. I visited Spain. It is a wonderful country. People and culture are exceptional. My mum cooks paella all 15 days. I may say that I wore my first flamenco dress when I was 3. When I was 15 I was in Seville and I discover the beauty of flamenco bride dresses, I could never forget it.  Next time I go to Spain, I will visit Mrs. Guadalupe and Federico because I hope to hug and kiss them as a proof of my gratitude. Everyone in my family appreciates their effort.  God bless them: I wish them to have a lot of success in the future.

Paloma gets married with her flamenco bride dress.


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