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17 May, 2018.

The typical flamenco dress has long begun to admit all kinds of modifications to adapt to the ultimate trends and styles, as we can see in each new edition of the Flamenco Fashion Show. Young designers who are looking for a change so shine join traditional flamenco dresses to innovative trends to try and create dresses of which everybody speaks.

There is a trend that is not innovative anymore, although it is different to the traditional flamenco dress: black flamenco dresses. There are many reasons to explain why black flamenco dresses have become so popular: they are flattering, they can be manufactured in different fabrics and they can be both short and long… A black flamenco dress seems to be a safe bet, doesn’t it?

Betting on black, black flamenco dresses

Total look is one of the options  to be considered when talking about a black flamenco dress, but this case, it is important to value that a black total look can be a too heavy, so it is a good idea to choose light fabrics (cotton muslin or poplin)  instead of heavy ones (raw silk or denim). Ruffles can help adding extra volume.

Long ruffles for sleeves and skirts are a good choice when wearing a black dress.

What about accessories of a black flamenco dress?

Talking about accessories, here is an interesting advantage of wearing black flamenco dresses: every colour can be chosen to complete a black dress. Earrings, flowers, ruffles, ornamental hair combs can be worn in your favourite colour as the result is going to be a perfect match!


Let’s start by thing on a classic match: a black dress completed with some red accessories, as classic as effective to get a fantastic solution to wear a black flamenco dress.

A black dress is trendy, but it is also a timeless option, by choosing grey accessories. Looking for something different? No matter with a black dress, as it can be adapted to the ultimate trend by choosing trendy colours.

It is night so it is party time…

Sun goes by and another Feria Day is gone, but it doesn’t mean that it is time to say good night to flamenca dresses. Night time offers a  lot of options to enjoy La Feria de Sevilla.

Ok, Seville Fair is not the kind of event to plan when to leave as when having fun it is not easy to say good bye and it is common that soirée starts and most women wear their day dresses. But there are flamenco dresses that have been designed to be worn at night.

Of course, if we think in colours to be chosen when designing a night dress, black on at the top of the list. The night is the time to dare, and it is easy as night dresses include transparencies, laces or cleavage, even or back nude. One of the trends to take into account is Bardot necklace, to wear nude shoulders.


Total black it not the only way to wear black flamenco dresses: point to printing!

As we have explained, black it a colour that should be seriously considered when choosing a flamenco dress to wear at the next Seville Fair, but a total look is not the only option… Printing can help getting a black flamenco dress, without giving up a colourful dress.

Flowers suits perfectly on a black dress. A classic red roses print can be a perfect idea to join tradition and innovation. By choosing a red roses and green leaves print on a black fabric, it is possible to own a colourful flamenco dress.

Flower print is typical but effective, but what about a dot print? Another way to wear and original black flamenco dress is by pointing on a dots print: as you can imagine there aren’t limits about colours, from classic to innovative, choose your favourite one! Another good idea is mixing plain parts and printing parts, for example, on skirt and sleeves.

Black flamenco dresses are not just trendy, they have come to stay. They are a kind of basic dress that can be adapted to every woman, to every style and to every moment. By choosing the suitable way to wear it, depending on the objective to be got, a black dress is sure bet.  A black flamenco dress is near to become the LBD of flamenco fashion.

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