11 July, 2018.

According to the traditions, canastero dress used to be the second option. The reason that explains it is because a canastero item is related to pilgrimage, moreover to enjoy El Rocio., the most popular pilgrimage in Seville.


No long time ago we pointed that this style could be found into designers’ catalogues, even into those signed by wedding fashion designers. It is clear that canastero dress is not a secondary option anymore, it is a real alternative to the traditional flamenco costume which can be adapted to the most attractive patterns..


The differences between a traditional flamenco dress and a canastero’s:


A common question from those who are not real flamencas from Andalusia is to: What are the differences between a canastero dress for flamencas and a classic Andalusian dress. I happens very often as, we have already mentioned, canasteros were usually worn during pilgrimages, so most women did not know this pattern if the just looked at fashion to enjoy La Feria de Seville.


The main difference is quite simple but significant: the key is the skirt. A canastera skirt shows a single ruffle, but a traditional dress for flamencas is usually completed by more than one (two, three for… even ten ruffles!). A classic canastero is lighter than a flamenco dress. As the ruffles is placed under the hips, canasteros are really flattering. A good reason to choose this king of items to enjoy Andalusian traditions is that women can find a lot of tissues to create a unique dress.


We can use classic flamenco printing, such as dots or flowers; we can even make a mix&match of them. It possible to wear a long sleeves dress, but in case it is a warm day, a dress with straps or ruffles can be ideal too as the result is an elegant but original flamenco dress.


A cascade canastera skirt


Canastera pattern is changing. There is not just one option when we choose this model, as we can find interesting innovations this season. Canasteros for flamencas are as simple as they used to be, but there are new matches and mixes that make them similar to classic flamenco costume for women.





As it was a flamenco skirt, the effect created is an illusion: we think it is not a canastera as is it formed by many cascade ruffles. To make it real, we can mix different printed elements. Dots, stripes, flowers… Every option is all right if we know how to take advantage of it.



Regarding colours and printing patterns, there are no limits at all. The only rule is to use the same that we could choose to create a classic flamenca dress. If we take a look at designers’ catalogues, we can get the inspirations to get a wonderful costume.


Canastero costume for little girls


Smaller ones can wear a canastero too, even we have made sure that they can find a lot of options if they choose this model.  As we have already commented, this cut make the dress look lighter so, when it is a little girl the one who is wearing it, we can be sure she is going to feel comfortable enough to enjoy La Feria de Seville, to play and to have fun in the fair.


As we are talking about flamenco dresses for little girls canastero style, we have to point that in this case the ruffle is always place in the hips. Anyway we can also include cascade ruffles or mixing prints, which are going to become the perfect allies to get a really funny and cute dress.


Bright colours, pink, orange or turquoise as some examples are fantastic options on a canastero for girls. We can also choose between a classic long flamenco dress or a short costume, which can be very a very good idea if the weather is going to be rainy next Feria.



Beyond pilgrimage, canastera skirt is a wonderful alternative when we are planning to buy our next flamenco dress to wear at la Feria de Seville. If we take a little time to search and choose the best tissues; if the mix different prints, we can get a really flattering model to walk on El Real.



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