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10 tips to choose the perfect flamenco dress

17 May, 2018.

As the Seville Fair comes, it is time prepare everything to enjoy this event which is considered as one of the most important celebrations in Andalusia. One of the indispensable things to enjoy the Seville Fair and to become a part of the celebrations is the flamenco dress. These costumes can be seen in many Andalusian culture’s events, but the Seville Fair is the biggest catwalk of flamenco dresses and the perfect place to find out the trends that designer show on SIMOF.


But, why should you just wait for the Seville Fair to know the most trendy flamenco dresses? Let’s find out some of the latest updates that could be seen at SIMOF. Sure these updates are going to inspire you to look great at the next Seville Fair!

Get inspired by SIMOF to choose the perfect flamenco dress for you with these 10 tips

  1. Colourful dresses are common, but this season colours are brighter. The brighter, the better. No matter what your favourite colour is, no problem if the colour that flatters you is really bright: it’s trendy. So don’t be afraid of choosing a colourful flamenco dress.
  2. Bright colours are trendy, but if you are looking for standing out, fluor colours are going to help you to become a real eye-catcher. Be careful! Fluor is not really flattering to everybody, but you can get a perfect flamenco dress for you by choosing one that has a printing that include fluor colours elements’.
  3. Dots printing is classic, even when it is not the most common printing, but in case you want to wear a typical dots’ dress, remember that they should be choose according to your body: the smaller you are, the smaller dots should be.
  4. Ruffles are back. Ok, they never went, but there were some seasons when the trend was a flamenco dress with a few ruffles, but if you want to be trendy this Seville Fair, look for a long skirt dress that shows ruffles on it. It is also very flattering because they move as you walk!
  5. Long skirt dresses are classic and trendy, moreover if they wear ruffles. But: do you prefer a short dress: this Seville Fair you can wear it and be trendy. Choose a short dress, complete your style with a pair of high heel shoes and boat your legs!
  6. V-neck is trendy, it is always a good idea to choose it as you will look really sexy.
  7. In case you don’t really like a V-neck, you could choose a square neck dress, many designers opted for it in their collections at SIMOF. Square neck is perfect to you in case you have small breasts.
  8. Maybe you are not really interested about trendy necks, because you want something a little bit more original. If so, back nude flamenco dresses are for you: they are very flattering, moreover when having small breasts, and really sexy!
  9. Don’t you really inspired by these ideas because you want to look different? Try a jumpsuit. Yes, they have been also adapted to flamenco’s style and they are going to the Seville Fair this season. You will look spectacular!
  10. No matter if you prefer a classic dress, you could get a trendy style by choosing the proper accessorizes! Remember than accessorizes can help you to define a personal style so don’t forget them when looking for your perfect flamenco dress.

Now that you know the trends that were shown on SIMOF and that you have these 10 tips based on SIMOF, you will look perfect at the Seville Fair.flamenco-dress

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