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How to dance flamenco if you are a man

It is sure that you have heard about one of the typical dances: flamenco. This dance, which is focused in singing and dancing, is very deep-rooted to the region. The expressiveness of the movements is one of the keys of this musical style, which requires that the dancer – called bailaor – emphasizes steps and […]

Earrings brooches, headwear, hairup for flamenco bride

    The wedding day is a very special date. It is plenty of special, unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable moments, but there is something that is going to become the star of the celebration and to draw all the attention: the moment when the bride appears. At that time, it is revealed the biggest secret […]

Wedding dress bags ( keep your flamenco dress)

  It is your wedding day and everything should be perfect: ceremony, flowers and bouquets, music, but mainly the dress that the bride is going to wear in such a unique celebration. A dress chosen carefully to answer a bride’s preferences, style and silouette. This item is a secret until the wedding day, and the […]

Flamenco inspiration in the phenomenon of Rosalía

Rosalía, the young Singer that delights everyone with her music is considered to be a phenomenon in 2019. The Catalan woman, who is a Z generation songwriter, has just presented her second record “ El mal querer “, and she has got to surprise both flamenco lovers and those who don’t really enjoy flamenco style, […]


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